Tuesday, March 3, 2015

FTU Tutorial - Skullz N Stripez

FTU tutorial using Skullz N Stripez by Tasha's Playground!
Remember to thank her for the new goodies!
**This tutorial was written by me and any resemblance is purely coincidental. It is written for those with a working knowledge of Photoshop.**



Scrap Kit

*You must obtain a license to use this tube.*

barbed wire
brass knuckles
dot scatter


Let's start!
Open a new canvas, size 650x650.
I will assume you resize and add a drop shadow to each element as you go along.
Place the tube on the tag and resize.
Behind the tube place frame4. 
Behind the frame add a new layer and fill with 50% gray. Make sure nothing sticks outside the frame.
Duplicate the same paper you just made, but make it this color: #2aa684.
Take the tube full size and flip horizontally. 
Place a close up of the tube's face between the gray and green papers. 
Duplicate the tube's close up and clip the tube to the lower paper.
Change the tube close up on the bottom to luminosity.
Add a gaussian blur to the top tube close up. I used 5, but 3-5 is good. Change the top tube to screen.
Now change the top green paper layer to screen and you should achieve the same effect I did.
Behind the tubes legs on the left place the bomb. 
Behind the bomb place the label.
Between the bomb and the label place the brass knuckles closer to the tube.
Between the bomb and the label place flair1 to the left.
On the left side of the label place heart1.
Behind the label on the left place the flower. Rotate it a little to the right.
Behind the flower place bow2.
Behind the tube and to the right of the bow2 place the flame heart. 
On the left side of the frame behind the flower and bow place flower4. 
On top of the flowers place the butterfly.
In front of the tube next to her arm place the drink.
Behind the drink place the lollipop.
Behind the tube on the right place the belt. 
Behind the belt place the bottle.
Below the belt and the bottle place the chain. Erase where it sticks out. It should just be visible in the front.
Behind the bottle place the stars.
Behind the stars place the pills.
Below the pills place bow3.
Behind the tubes head and on top of the frame on the right place flower3.
Behind the frame place the dot scatter a couple of times to cover the background, but not too much.
On top of the dot scatter place the scatter on the right side. Resize and rotate a little so there's a little coverage on the right side only. 
Add another copy of the scatter for the left side again rotating so the coverage sticks along the side of the frame.
Again, add another copy of the scatter to fill in some space along the top of the frame.
On top of the frame and behind everything but the green flower place the barbed wire. Rotate it's the opposite angle of the frame.
On top of everything place sparkle2. 
Select the pixels of the tube and hit delete on the sparkles2 layer. This way the sparkles is on top of everything but the tube. 
Now make your mask with paper 9. Make sure it doesn't hang off the canvas.
Add your tagger mark and copyright information.
Crop off any extra canvas.
Save as a .psd & .png.

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