Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PTU Tutorial - Glitter!

Simple Tut Using Scrappin Krazy Designs' awesome kit Glitter!

You can find the kit here:

*This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of Photoshop*

Elements used:

Paper used:

Tube used:
Pinup Toon 143-2

*You must purchase this tube and obtain a license from to use this tube*

Mask used:

*You can download it here

Here we go! :)

Open your blank canvas. I used 550x550 for this one. You can make it bigger if you like.

Drag Frame4 over to the blank canvas and size it.

Add a drop shadow to the frame.

You can now add a paper of choice behind the frame. I picked a color that matched.

Color code for background is #fcebed.

I then added noise to the background. Filter > Noise > Add Noise and put it at 9. You can move the number up and down to suit your needs.

Drag your tube in front of the frame. Place and size it. Add a drop shadow.

Take a close up of the tube and put it behind the frame but in front of the paper or background and then flip it.

I rotated the Pinup Toon up a little and made her a little smaller than the original size of the close up.

I then added the Xero filter Radiance to both layers of the Pinup Toon.

Drag the diamonds element and place it behind the background of the frame (make it the lowest layer above the background).

Add drop shadow. I also added a small outer glow in white.

Now create your mask using WSL_Mask216 and Paper15. I added noise to the filter.

Resize the mask behind the diamond layer (making this the lowest layer above the background).

Add copyright and tagger mark.

For the name I used the font Dancing Script.

Crop out the extra background.

Save the .psd template and then save your.png and your done!

Hope you enjoyed this tut! Thanks for taking a look :)

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