Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PTU Goddess2 Tutorial

PTU Tutorial with Goddess2 from Scrappin Krazy Designs.

You can find this beautiful kit here!

*This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of Photoshop*

Font used:
Grab it here.

Mask used:
Mask 20 from Moonbeams and Spiderwebs.
Grab it here.

Tube used:
Anita by Alex Prihodko from PicsforDesign
Grab it here.
*You must purchase this tube and obtain a license from PicsforDesign to use it.*

Elements used:

Papers used:

Filters used:
Xero Porcelain
Xero Radiance

Ready? Let's Go!
Open a new canvas size 650x650

Move frame2 over to the canvas

Resize the frame & add a drop shadow

Move Paper15 behind the frame

Resize and erase any extras sticking outside of the frame

Move Sparkle3 between the frame and paper15

I duplicated Sparkle3 a few times and rotated the new ones to fill in the background behind the tube

Merge the Sparkle3 layers and erase any extras that stick outside the frame (Adding a 50% gray layer will make the extra Sparkle3 show up so it can easily be erased)

Drag tube between the frame and the Sparkle3 layers

Add a drop shadow and erase any parts of the tube that stick outside the frame

Here are the numbers I used for the filters



Move Spiralgem to the bottom right hand corner of the frame

Rotate and add a drop shadow

Move Ribbon1 and place it along the bottom of the frame

Resize and add a drop shadow

Move Wire1 and place it behind the Spiralgem and Ribbon1

Resize and add a drop shadow

Move Twistedclip and put it over the bottom left hand corner of the frame

Move it below Wire1, resize, and add a drop shadow

Move String2 and place it on top of the Twistedclip

Resize and add a drop shadow

Move Scrunchedribbon and place it on top of String2

Resize and add a drop shadow

Move Bow1 and place it on top of Scrunchedribbon

Resize and add a drop shadow

Open Heartstring and place it in the top left hand corner of the frame

Resize and add a drop shadow

Move Sparkle2 over Spiralgem

Resize it so it gives that certain gem sparkle

Move Glitter2 and place it below the frame on both bottom corners and resize

Open a new canvas, size 600x600

Open Mask 20 and resize to 600x600, if necessary

Open Paper11 and resize to 600x600

Move Paper11 onto new canvas and then move Mask 20 on top of Paper11 on the new canvas

Remove the background so you are just left with the mask

*If you do not know how to remove the background then please check out this easy to follow video here*

Now move the mask behind paper15 and resize to fit

Make sure no parts of the mask hang off the canvas

For the font:
I used Sail in a black style with a gold outline, expanded to size 4

Add a drop shadow to the gold layer

Add your copyright information and tagger mark

Crop to remove any extra canvas and save your template as .psd and your new tag in .png

I hope you enjoyed my Goddess2 PTU Tutorial!

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