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PTU "Daisies and Daffies" Tutorial

Daisies and Daffies, from Scrappin Krazy Designs, is perfect for those Spring time tags! I used the artwork of Alex Prihodko, which perfectly matched it.

**This tutorial was written by me and any resemblance is purely coincidental. It is written for those with a working knowledge of Photoshop.**

Springtime by Alex Prihodko.
You can purchase it here.
**You must obtain a license to use it.**

#363 by weescotslass creations
You can find it on the homepage (4th one down) here.

You can find it on Fontspace.



Ready? Let's get started!

Open a new canvas, size 650x650.

Let's start by moving the frame, ele54, on to the canvas. I rotated mine after I resized it so it was at an angle. Add a drop shadow.

Move your tube to the right side of the frame. I had her head just stick out about the upper right corner of the frame. She'll cover the empty space left when rotating the frame. Add a drop shadow.

Now ele28 will be in front of the tube. The grass will cover where the tubes' legs cut off. The grass can stick out a little further than the sides of the frame. Add a drop shadow.

Move ele29 behind the tube and grass but in front of the frame. Have the left end of the fence meet the end of the grass. The fence should be resized so it just meets the bottom of the frame. Add a drop shadow and then duplicate the fence, flip horizontally, and move to the right side so that end meets the right end of the grass. Erase any parts of the fence where it overlaps.

Ele07 will be used twice. Place it behind everything so the bigger end sits behind the tube and doesn't hang over the edge of the grass. Have the bottom of 27 meet the bottom of the row of grass. Duplicate this and move it up so it sticks out the bottom the frame, but not outside the frame.

Open paper 5, resize to 500x500 and move it behind the frame. Resize so nothing sticks outside the frame and erase anything that does. Make sure the grass is on top of the paper.

Move ele02 on top of the blue paper and move it to the upper right hand corner. This will be the sun. Resize as you see fit.

Move ele53 toward the bottom of the frame. Resize so its size is appropriate. Duplicate and move to the upper right hand corner of the frame, next to the tube.

Move ele12 toward the top of the frame on top of the sun. Resize so it's small like a humming bird should be.

Move ele40, the bench, in front of the frame and fence but behind the row of grass. Resize so it's not too large and doesn't overlap the tube. Add a drop shadow.

Move ele70, the birdhouse, to the left side of the frame. It should be just under the top of the frame. Add a drop shadow.

Move ele13 in front of the bird feeder. Resize so it's a relative size of a humming bird. Add a drop shadow.

Move ele44 on the left side. Move it behind the row of grass but in front of everything else. Make it small. I made it meet the middle of the bench and almost touch the bottom of the bird feeder. Add a drop shadow. Duplicate, flip horizontally, and move behind the tube on the right side.

Move ele04 in front of the fence but behind the bird feeder and bench. I made mine stick just above the fence. Add a drop shadow. Duplicate and move to the right side of the bench. Again, move it behind the tube and bench but in front of the fence. Duplicate again and fill any empty space.

Move ele43 behind the fence. Rotate a little and fill the empty space below the bench. I resized it so I needed to duplicate it a few times to cover the space. Add a drop shadow to each duplicate.

Now let's make the mask. Open p07, resize to 600x600, and the weescotslass creations mask #363. Open a new canvas, 600x600.

Move the paper on to the blank canvas and then the mask on top. Remove the white background and then move behind the tag. Lower the Fill to 85%. Resize it so it does not stick off the edges.  You will need a lot to stick over the top of the frame for the flowers to have a background. A little can stick out on the sides, but no need for any to stick out on the bottom.

Now take ele35 and move on top of the mask. Try and keep it inside the mask. A little will go over and that's ok. You may need to resize a little. Now duplicate and flip horizontally and move to the other side to cover the blank space. No drop shadow is necessary. Erase any flowers that overlap.

If you would like to add the quote I did, it is by Drew Barrymore (please make sure you credit her). It says, "Daisies are like sunshine to the ground."

I used the same font for the name and the quote. So it will be Xiomara in white.
For the quote, add a drop shadow and a stroke, size 2, in a darker shade of yellow. The white will brighten it up. Use color code #e5d27b. For Drew Barrymore's name I just switched the color and the stroke. So it's the yellow for the name and white for the stroke.

Again, the name will be in white. I placed it over the bench, but you can place it wherever you like. Add a stroke, size 1, in a lighter shade of yellow. You can use the color code #dfd43a. Now select the pixels of the name and expand by 3. Make a new layer below the name and fill with another shade of yellow. You can use the color code #e5d27b. Add a white stroke to this layer, size 1. Add a drop shadow to the bottom layer of the name.

Alright, now add your proper copyright info and tagger mark. Make sure you put it somewhere on the tag so it cannot be easily removed.

Crop off any extra white areas and be careful not to cut off any parts of the tag.

Un click the white background and save as a .psd and .png.

We're done! This kit is so pretty, light, and airy. It's perfect for Spring tags and will even work for Summer! Grab it today so you can use everything this kit has to offer :)

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