Monday, April 29, 2013

PTU "Toes In The Sand 2" Tutorial

My second PTU Tutorial using Jackie's Jewels Toes In The Sand kit and I used artwork by PinUp Toons, which you can find at CDO.

**This tutorial was written by me and any resemblance is purely coincidental. It is written for those with a working knowledge of Photoshop.**


PinUp Toon 69-2 
You can find it here.
*You must obtain a license to use it.*

You can find it here.

You can find it here.



Ready? Let's get started!

Open a new canvas, 650x650.

Move Frame4 on to the canvas. Resize and add a drop shadow. 

Move Paper9 behind the frame. Resize to the size of the open part of the frame. There should not be any extra paper hanging outside the frame.

Now put the FlyingGulls on top of Paper9. Make the gulls smaller for a sense of depth.
Do the same thing with the Dolphin. You can erase tiny parts of the Dolphin so it looks like it's coming out of the water.

Move the Sun to the upper right hand corner of the frame. Rotate it so the lighter side of the Sun is showing through. Erase extras hanging outside the frame.

Move the WoodElement to the left side of the frame. Resize so it is no taller than the middle of the frame. Add a drop shadow. Duplicate the WoodElement, flip horizontally, and move to the right side of the frame.

Place Towel2 in front of the frame. Resize and add a drop shadow. 

Place Chair1 on top of the towel on the right hand side. The back of the chair can stick outside the back of the towel. 

Place a SandPile behind the chair and in front of the WoodElement. Make it so it just meets the top of the rope on the smaller pole. Add a drop shadow. 

Place the BeachBag behind the chair so it peeks through the arm of the chair. Add a drop shadow.
Move the FlipFlops in fron the BeachBag as well. Add a drop shadow.

Move Starfish2 in front of the lower left hand corner of the frame and WoodElement. Resize and add a drop shadow.

Move Lantern2 to the front left corner of the towel. Add a drop shadow.

Let's place the tube on the towel. If using the same one, move her in front of everything but the chair. Add a drop shadow. 

Place Cocktail2 in front of the tube, resize, and add a drop shadow.

Move the Umbrella behind the chair. Have it stick out over the chair. Add a drop shadow.

Move PalmTree2 behind the frame on the right. I can stick out above the frame. Add a drop shadow.
Move PalmTree1 behind the frame on the left. Make it smaller the than the other one and so it sticks over the WoodElement.

Now take the SandPile again and place it under the towel. It will take a few duplicates of the SandPile to make it sandy under the towel. Add a drop shadow to each pile.

Open the mask, a new canvas 600x600, and Paper14. Move the paper on to the canvas and the mask on top. Remove the white background and place the mask at the lowest layer. I erased parts of the mask that stuck out at the bottom.

Let's do the name now.
The name can be white with a red, #990000, stroke 2.
Now expand the pixels of the name by 4 and make it blue. You can choose the shade of blue that works for you. Add noise to the blue layer and then a drop shadow. Place it over the chair.

Crop off any extras and make sure not to cut off any parts of the tag!

Add your copyright information and tagger mark.
Save as .psd and .png.

I hope you enjoyed this one as well! I love this kit, as you can tell :)

New Name, New Blog!

Hello friends! I have decided to change my designer name to reflect that I make kits more than I do CT work. I made a new blog so the old links for this blog will remain active for future visits. Please visit me at Drea's Designs ! I'll see you there!
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