Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!! TWO DAY Rac Special!! 11/28 - 11/29

JUST ADD THIS AMAZING TUBE DUO TO YOUR CART WHEN YOU SPEND ANY $$ IN THE STORE 11/28 & 11/29 ONLY! ONE OF THESE TUBES IS BRAND NEW NOT OUT YET. YOU GET BOTH FULL LAYERED TUBES JUST ADD THEM TO YOUR CART BEFORE YOU CHECKOUT!! DO NOT MISS OUT. Ish is so thankful of all of you that he wanted to give you something special this thanksgiving and with black friday tomorrow he thought wow how about a beautiful NEW girl in a sexy apron and then she goes out to shop her heels off  lol Enjoy and have a wonderful warm and safe thanksgiving and black friday. CS is officially closed today so please have patience! ^_^

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New Name, New Blog!

Hello friends! I have decided to change my designer name to reflect that I make kits more than I do CT work. I made a new blog so the old links for this blog will remain active for future visits. Please visit me at Drea's Designs ! I'll see you there!
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