Saturday, June 1, 2013

PTU Tutorial "Tropical Peach"

I have a new PTU Tutorial using Tropical Peach by Scrappin Krazy Designs. You can find out more about it on her blog here!

**This tutorial was written by me and any resemblance is purely coincidental  It was written for those with a working knowledge of Photoshop.**

What you will need:

Blessed Day by Billy Argel
You can download it from FontSpace.

I used an exclusive mask, but a floral/tropical mask will be perfect!

24-1 by Jessica Dougherty
You can purchase the tube from CDO.
*You must obtain a license in order to use this tube*



Let's begin :)

Open a new canvas size 650x650.

Move element 11 onto the canvas. Resize and add a drop shadow.

Place your tube over the frame. I made her sit so her head is just barely under the top of the frame. Erase any parts that hang over the bottom of the frame.

Move p14 behind the frame and tube. Resize it smaller and erase any little parts that hang outside the frame.

Place ele55 on the left hand side of the tube on top of the frame. Resize it so it meets the same height as her chin. Add a drop shadow in the color code #ffd170.

Move ele35 behind the drink. Resize so it's relative to the size of the drink and add a drop shadow.

Place ele32 in front of the lemon slice but behind the drink. So it looks like the coconut is sitting on the bottom of the glass you will need to erase the little part of the glass that sits over the coconut. Not any part of the stem, just the base. Add a drop shadow.

Move ele08 behind the lemon and resize/rotate. Add a drop shadow.

Place ele34 on the middle of the frame. Resize a little and add a drop shadow. Have it above the coconut so it just covers little parts.
Move ele33 behind ele34 and make it a little larger than the solid pink bow. Move it behind the coconut and add a drop shadow.

Place ele29 behind both bows and the wide part of the shell stick out facing right. Resize and add a drop shadow. Move ele28 behind ele29 and have it cover any parts of the tube still showing where it meets the frame. Add a drop shadow.

Duplicate the layer you have ele08 on and flip it horizontally. Move it to the other side and place it behind the shells.

Move ele14 on top of the frame and behind everything else. Flip it vertically and resize a little. Add a drop shadow.

Take ele13 and place it behind ele14. Flip horizontally and vertically. Resize and add a drop shadow.

Place ele23 behind everything. Flip horizontally and vertically and resize a little. Add a drop shadow.

For the mask I used p01. Just open a new canvas, size 600x600, move your mask, size 600x600, on top of the blank canvas, and then move the paper, resized to 600x600, below the mask. Remove the background and place it behind the frame. Don't have too much stick outside the frame and nothing sticking outside the canvas.

For the name:
The font is Blessed Day
The main color is #bf4044
Add a bevel in linear with a white shadow
Add a stroke, size 2, in the color #ffb5ae
Add a drop shadow in the color #ffd170

Add your copyright information and tagger mark.
Crop off any extra parts of the canvas, but don't cut off any parts of the tag or mask.

Save as a .psd & .png.

We're done! Thanks for stopping by and trying out my tutorial!

New Name, New Blog!

Hello friends! I have decided to change my designer name to reflect that I make kits more than I do CT work. I made a new blog so the old links for this blog will remain active for future visits. Please visit me at Drea's Designs ! I'll see you there!
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